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About Jaithai

Jai Thai Restaurant was first opened in 1992 by 

Thai owner in Tokyo, Japan. 
With the goal to present the flavor of authentic Thai food to the world.
Therefore, it is the origin of the name "Jai Thai", which means the heart of Thailand. 
In order to let people get to know the true taste of Thai food all of our food is made by Thai chefs who are skilled and some specific ingredients from Thailand.
We wish to make all of our customers enjoy the original taste of authentic Thai food


Delicious dishes made using only the freshest seasonal ingredients.

This is the secret of Jai Thai's authentic Thai cusine


Dynamic and colorful, Thai cuisine is a sizzling blend of flavors that reflects the environment
and climate of the tropics. Though best known for its strong spices and “hot” flavor, the true secret of
original Thai cuisine is healthy, well-balanced dishes that bring out the best in the ingredients.
At Jai Thai, we have built our reputation on our passion and commitment to faithfully reproducing
true-to-Thai flavor, instead of adapting our dishes to suit Japanese tastes.
“Jai Thai” means “Thai’s heart” in Thai. Visit us at Jai Thai and experience the true heart of Thailand.

Authentic Thai cuisine acknowledged by Thai prime Minister

The first restaurant in Japan to win the Thai Prime Minister's Award.
Proudly serving authentic Thai dishes prepared by a leading chef from Thailand.

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